The Best Online Teen Magazines Every Young New Zealander Needs To Read

Growing up as a young girl in the digital age can seem just a tad bit overwhelming, especially with social media and its many side thorns constantly harassing you at all angles. The comparison game seems to be on amongst young girls, especially young teen girls. Magazines seem to be pushing their own agendas and selling only one type of standard, or way of living. It is either you fit into the mould, or you don’t. What if you are tired of trying to fit in with the latest trends, and just want information that is realistic, factual and relative to the average everyday teen girl?

Pop Culture Just Isn’t Enough

Image result for Kylie Jenner lip-kitMost magazines seem to be catering to the masses, by showcasing what they think most young girls want to read about. The latest Kylie Jenner lip-kit, or the newest boy band taking over the globe. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, however, the boredom and redundancy stem from the fact that these topics aren’t the only things teenage girls are into. Magazines need to offer more than just the latest who’s who and what is what. There are real issues affecting young teens today, and magazines need to get on board.

These are the two online magazines that will most likely give you a full mental and psyche bang session in the best possible way.

Rookie Mag

You can read some inspiring essays from young women who have been through the ringer; get advice on certain “taboo” topics such as sex, contraception and religion. You can also check their top picks of playlists to listen to based on your feelings. The magazine is probably most renowned for their photography yearbook which features stunning images and written content.

Ballad Of Mag

Features cool art, photography and interviews, with up and coming young writers and artists. Discover a new world of young creativity and expression.

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