Speaking A Language Of Their Own

Image result for Speaking A Language Of Their OwnA teen on a flight from Boston to Portland in Oregon has been hailed a hero of sorts. The youngster assisted a blind and deaf man during the flight.

Lesson in Love

15 Year old Clara Daly from Calabasas in California had taken a year of sign language classes in the past and was able to communicate using the language with considerable ease. Perhaps it was fate that she was on the plane that day. Travelling with her mother last week, she quickly volunteered to help when the flight attendant made the announcement that they required the services of someone who knew how to use sign language.

Chance Meeting Captured

Daly came to the aid of Tim Cook, a 64-year-old man who was alone on his travels and battling to communicate with the attendants. The moving scene was captured on film by a fellow flight passenger. Pictures of the young lady signing into the hand of Cook have been splashed across the social media platform Facebook with many hitting the like button. Over a million likes have been accumulated thus far.

Moved By Kindness

Tim Cook has relayed his feelings of appreciation for the young girl, saying that he had been extremely moved by her gesture. Clara was in the right place at the right time and didn’t falter to come to his assistance. Clara has made it clear that the encounter, although by chance, was meant to be.

It isn’t often that you find people helping people these days, especially at such a young age. It is moments like these that give you faith in the human race once more. Clara Daly has been rightfully credited for her part in making the journey for Tim Cook a little more comfortable. Without her on board, it may have been a very long flight for they man.

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