Moving to New Zealand? Kiwi Dialect You Ought to Know

When it comes to the English language the most popular and most recognised English dialects are those from America and the United Kingdom. However, there are actually about 58 other countries that use English as their official language, each having their own unique dialects. One of those countries is the beautiful country of New Zealand located pretty much on the edge of the Earth. The kiwis do not only speak English but they also have their own dialect, and colloquial slang. If you are planning to be making a trip down under or considering moving there, then there are a few words you ought to familiarise yourself with. This will help you to not look confused when some NZ local hits at you with a Kiwi English term.

These are some NZ dialect and colloquial terms you need to know before heading there.

Maori words that have made themselves part of everyday NZ speak

Kumu – Ass

Starting us off is the word used to describe the part of the body that humans sit on, also known in simple English as buttocks or ass (or arse depending on where you come from).

Waka – Canoe

This is another popular Maori word that has made its way into everyday NZ dialect. It is also popularly used to describe a vehicle, e.g. Hey dude can I catch a ride on your canoe today.

Image result for HelloKia ora – Hello

You may find yourself being greeted with this popular expression, simply shout back “kia ora!”.

Tumeke! – Awesome

This word is used as more of an exclamation, it means more than just awesome and some kiwis will argue its better translated to “radical!”. It is used when something quite epic happens and will vary in degrees depending on how it is enunciated and the weight of the enthusiasm thrown behind it.

More Words

Other words include jandals (flip-flops), munted (broken), stoked (happy) and bach (a quick holiday).

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