How Poetry Is Making a Comeback

Any young New Zealander can remember dreading going to English class every day during literature lessons when the teacher would stand in front of the class and try to explain iambic pentameter and octaves and what not. Poetry always seemed far removed from the situImage result for books wallpaper black and whiteation most high schoolers were dealing with or could relate to. However, the aged ideas of what poetry is supposed to look like and sound like are starting to quickly fall away as more and more millennials start to interpret it in their own way.

Breaking The Rules

One of the homages of poetry was the rhyme scheme and the ability to rhyme words within each line in the poem or maybe at the end of each line. Metaphors, paradoxes and euphemisms were used to make poetry lines sound more descriptive and more vivid. This worked, however, sometimes the use of these techniques often left the message of the poem lost in translation. With each reader having to dig out their own interpretation, and often failing to grasp the ideas and emotions the poet was trying to convey. Modern poets seem to be stepping away from this older way of writing poetry and instead opting for more realistic pieces of written word.

Is it Still Considered Poetry?

One of the big argument that seems to be facing young poets in the millennial era is the fact that they lack in technique and structure. With most millennial poets shooting back with statements arguing such notions. The basis for their argument being that they are doing something new, which is not rooted in ancient English literature laws grounded incorrectness but instead rooted in storytelling for a different generation.

How Is This New Style Faring?

Poets such as Rupi Kaur whose poems can be seen shared all over social media platforms are proof that poetic structures, couplets and rhyme scheme don’t matter if you are connecting to readers on a personal level.

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