Five Business Idioms to Help You Flex in Business Meetings

Image result for IdiomsEveryone wants to feel like they could step into a meeting and be able to hold their own on their English-speaking skills alone. Although some carry a rather robust and extensive vocabulary, enough to carry them through long days of business meetings and conversation. However, sometimes one may be looking to impress their new boss or stand out in a discussion or negotiation. In order to achieve this and grab the attention of those around you, you’ ll need more than just plain and basic English prowess. Below is a list of three business idioms to help you flex during a business meeting. Not only will you sound intelligent and quite knowledgeable about business or the topic at hand, you’ ll also come across as a master of the English language.

Hit the Nail on the Head

This idiom is perfect for that moment when someone in the meeting (preferably that manager or boss you are looking to impress), says something that is fitting to the circumstances of the situation. Not only fitting but also accurate, precise and useful. The expression simply translates to “what you said is exactly correct”.

Off the Top of My Head

This is an idiom used to sound smart, however, it can only work if you say something quite intelligent and profound just after you have used it. This way it leaves those around you thinking “how on earth did he come up with that off the top of his head?”. The idiom suggests that what has been said was unplanned and completely thought of spontaneously and on the spot.

To Corner the Market

Using this idiom allows you the opportunity to flex your marketing strategy skills. Simply translated the idiom translates to a company’s ability to catch their intended market. It can be used to show the understanding of how target markets work.

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