Essentials for plain English

If you need to improve your English so that you are communicating simply and effectively, there are a few things that you can do to make your ability to convey your messages better.

Image result for each dayThe first tip is to practice as often as possible. While it would be good to spend all day every day practicing language skill,s this is not always practical, so you should at least get in a little bit of practice each day. Start off with 15-20 minutes of practice each day, and you will soon see an improvement.

Each day you should choose a different topic to write or speak about. This will help to improve your vocabulary in a variety of different areas. Start with a list of topics that you may have to speak about frequently, and then rotate them so you are practicing something different each time. Basic daily topics such as the weather, sports, what is happening in the news or on a TV program. Watching TV can be a useful way to improve English skills.

A good way to practice the language is to keep a journal. When writing in a journal, most people stick to everyday language, so this is a great way of train yourself to stick with simple English. This is also a good way of practicing essential grammar such as verbs and adjectives.

Keep your English at a conversational level. This will also ensure that you are keeping to a simpler level of language and it helps to avoid using complicated phrases. You can also make sure that you practice with a friend – or more than one friend. Find a native speaker who can help you with your fluency, and you can also practice with a fellow learner as they will understand exactly what you need to do.