Top 3 Books of 2018

The 21st century is a pretty stressful age to live in, considering that everybody has something they’re struggling with, regardless of age. And there’s no better escape than reading a book. If it’s interesting, the piece has the power to lock out everything, leaving you wiser after every session.

2018 is a promising year for book lovers and has already witnessed the launch of several excellent publications and a few fails. In a bid to assist you to cut to the chase, here are the top three brand new books that are worth your time.

Image result for Bad Blood bookBad Blood: Secrets and lies of a silicon valley startup by John Carreyrou

The honor goes to this exciting piece that tells the story of Theranos Elizabeth Holmes, a Standford dropout. She deceived several seasoned investors such as Larry Ellison and Tim Draper into thinking that her “iPod of Healthcare” was the next big thing. And by the time they realized that she was a fraud, Theranos was valued at over $9M. But her world comes crumbles down shortly after that.

How’re You Going to Save Yourself by JM Holmes

This particular book by Holmes that has caught the attention of book lovers across the board. His opening statement (How many white women have you slept with?) tells you exactly what to expect in there. A story about race, class, and sex of four friends Dub, Rolls, Rye, and Gio. But overall, the book is about the life of an average American man.

Yes We (Still) Can: Politics in the age of Obama, Twitter, and Trump by Dan Pfiffer

Dan worked with Obama during his term as POTUS and told the backstage story in this book. It may interest people who are somewhat political and find Trump unnerving. But if you think there’s nothing new about Obama, you are terribly wrong. Dan stitches the never-heard-before stories together in an amusing and insightful way.